Williams Advanced Engineering Provides Engineering Intelligence to International Solar Car Challenge

21 Jan 2015
Williams Advanced Engineering held a series of technical workshops for a group of students from Stanford University, America who are in the midst of building a solar car for the prestigious World Solar Challenge.

The Stanford Solar Car Project (SSCP) is America’s top solar car team and the top undergraduate team in the world. The project began in 1989 as an entirely student-run, non-profit organization fuelled by its members’ passion for environmentally-minded technology. The team designs, builds, tests, and races solar-powered vehicles as part of a global competition called the World Solar Challenge, a 2000-mile solar trek across the Australian Outback.

The project provides a unique opportunity for Stanford students to gain valuable hands-on engineering and business experience in raising community awareness of the power of solar energy and the increasing need for lighter, more aerodynamic, and more efficient vehicles.

Williams Advanced Engineering opened our doors to the student’s with a two day access all areas workshop that covered, aerodynamics, lightweight materials and composites hosted by our experienced engineers.

Stanford University Student, Anna Olson said,  "Our visit to Williams was a truly unique and memorable experience. It encompassed many elements of what makes solar car such a worthwhile pursuit: the level of engineering, innovative thinking, passion, dedication, and drive, to name a few.

"The workshops were insightful and inspiring, with a good blend of fascinating F1 engineering and discussion applied to our applications. The engineers we engaged with were not only very knowledgeable about their respective fields, but also genuinely helpful when it came to the engineering challenges that we're tackling.  I'm immensely grateful for having had this opportunity. This trip was truly one-of-a-kind, and served as an inspiring reminder of why we do the things that we do."

Williams Advanced Engineering would like to wish the Stanford University the best of luck in their expedition and we will be offering an update on the students successes.