Williams Advanced Engineering Brings F1 Technology to the Defence Sector

05 Aug 2015

Williams Advanced Engineering is working with global defence company General Dynamics UK to bring its Formula One bred technologies and capabilities to the state of the art SCOUT Specialist Vehicle (SV).

Williams Advanced Engineering has been awarded a £17 million contract to design and manufacture at its R&D facility in Grove, Oxfordshire the SCOUT SV’s Core Infrastructure Distribution System that will be fitted to 589 vehicles that are due to be delivered to the British Army through 2017-2024. This is the sophisticated power and data backbone of the platform, which will enable the distribution of power and data around the best-in-class Armoured Fighting Vehicle.

Formula One has long used sophisticated electronic data logging to monitor and improve the performance of racing cars. With this project Williams Advanced Engineering will be using its expertise in data analytics and systems integration to ensure that the SCOUT SV has the world’s most advanced electronic architecture and can provide troops with the information needed to stay safe and perform at the highest level. 

SCOUT SV is the replacement for the British Army’s reconnaissance vehicle fleet and its six tracked variants will provide the medium-weight core of the British Army’s deployable armoured capability up to 2045. 

Craig Wilson, Managing Director of Williams Advanced Engineering, added; “Williams Advanced Engineering specialises in complex technological problem solving and bringing Formula One technology and processes to industry. We have started expanding outside our traditional strength of motorsport and automotive and we are pleased to announce this significant defence project. We are working closely with General Dynamics UK to make sure that SCOUT SV has an electronic architecture that is best-in-class technically and also packaged efficiently. These are core skills that the Advanced Engineering team can transfer directly from Williams’ extensive experience in motorsport.”