Foresight Williams Technology EIS Fund invests £1.5 million into Flusso as part of a £4.6 million funding round designed to scale up production of the world’s smallest flow sensor

04 Jun 2020

Flusso, a semiconductor company spun out of the University of Cambridge, has raised a £4.6 million Series A funding round to scale up production of the world’s smallest flow sensor. The round was supported by the Foresight Williams Technology EIS Fund, which invested £1.5 million.  With products already commercially available, the investment will also enable Flusso to widen its product and technology portfolio.

Flow meters are traditionally used in industrial, automotive, and medical products to monitor the movement of gas or liquid. The market is worth £6.3 billion annually but is highly fragmented in terms of technologies and applications, an innovation has been lacking in consumer products in particular. Flusso’s patent-protected technology enables flow sensors to be made significantly smaller and less expensive, while adding enhanced functionality and without compromising performance. The result is enabling direct flow sensing in a wide range of both existing and future mass-market consumer products – including heating and ventilation systems, filtration units, and respiratory medical devices – for which flow-sensing components were previously too big, expensive, or difficult to integrate.

Flusso’s technology uses a CMOS MEMS silicon platform and is packaged and assembled using a pure microelectronics approach. This provides both performance and scalability of manufacturing in tens of millions of parts per month.

Andrea De Luca, Founder and CEO at Flusso, said: “The energy efficiency of many products could be greatly improved if they incorporated gas and flow sensors, but companies are unable to do so due to cost, size, or manufacturing constraints. Our vision is to bring flow- and gas-sensing technologies to all these products. This funding round helps us to scale up and bring our vision to reality.”

Nick Mettyear, Investment Manager at Foresight, said: “We are delighted to support Flusso in the next stage of development and accelerate the commercialisation of its existing products. Our unique collaboration with Williams Advanced Engineering and their expertise in fluid dynamics has already seen the Williams team supporting the company and providing valuable commercial insights.”

Matthew Burke, Head of Technology Ventures, Williams Advanced Engineering adds “Our engineers are already exploring new, transformative applications of Flusso’s platform sensor technology.  Combined with WAE’s expertise in fluid dynamics, Flusso is a perfect fit for the Foresight Williams Technology EIS Fund and we are delighted to support the company’s growth plans.”