Aircraft Interiors

Aircraft Interiors

Williams Advanced Engineering and JPA Design have joined together to revolutionise future aircraft interiors through the application of world class design and Formula One-derived technology.

As airlines invest in new, lighter aircraft made of composite materials, such as carbon fibre in the Boeing 787 Dreamliner and Airbus A350, there is still great potential to make a step-change in cabin layout, passenger comfort, fuel-saving and carbon emission reductions, compared to existing, traditional approaches, through the application of new interior design and lightweight materials. This partnership looks to capitalise on this potential through using proprietary technologies from both parties to save weight, whilst increasing comfort and space.

The partnership between the two companies, announced in February 2019 , aims to create a UK capability for aircraft interior products to be delivered worldwide through the application of Formula One-derived technology from Williams and the cabin design experience of JPA Design. Airlines will benefit through the more efficient use of space onboard and lighter interior equipment to enhance further the reduction in fuel consumption offered by modern aircraft. Passengers will benefit through a more spacious cabin and enhanced comfort for their journey due to the innovative design of the interior and seating.

Accompanying photo caption: The ROKiT Williams Racing FW42 car within a JPA Design-invented business class seat layout. Bringing together world-class British design and manufacturing along with Formula One-derived technology, JPA Design and Williams Advanced Engineering plan to unveil revolutionary new products for airline efficiency and passenger space and comfort at the Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg, Germany in April.

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