The FW-EVX is the result of Williams Advanced Engineering applying its in-house motorsports knowledge in electrification, thermodynamics, aerodynamics and lightweight materials to the electric car platform of tomorrow.

Featuring a host of proprietary innovations, this high-tech showcase is based around an innovative carbonfibre chassis with each lithium-ion battery cell wrapped in carbon fibre boxes using patented 223TM technology, creating a lightweight, crash-resistant and scalable structure. 

Further weight is saved with integrated radiators that flows air from the front of the chassis, cooling the water channels within the sills, keeping both the battery modules and the power electronics at optimum temperature.

As a result, FW-EVX is 40 percent lighter than a typical EV chassis. The platform also features Williams Advanced Engineering’s patented RACETRAK TM carbon fibre wishbones – and the whole structure can be built using a highly automated, near zero waste process, further highlighting Williams Advanced Engineering’s expertise in accelerating ground-up innovations into demonstrable, manufacturable products.

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