Wind Tunnel Williams Advanced Engineering
On - site wind tunnel capabilities

On-site Wind Tunnel Capabilities

Williams offers two world class, closed-return automotive wind tunnels for customer development programmes that deliver proven correlation with championship credentials for both open and closed wheel race cars; F1, LMP1, F3, WTCC and BTCC.

The Formula 1 specification steel-belt rolling road systems with model motion systems and climatically controlled capabilities enable the ability to test both model scale and full-scale vehicles.

Williams has the infrastructure and personnel to support 24/7 programmes, real time data acquisition and automated image recording, backed up by a comprehensive maintenance schedule. IT systems are well regulated, also offering partitioned data storage with secure firewall protection.

The on-site facilities also offers multiple security card protected model shop facilities and Model Makers and workshop facilities as well as on-site composites, machine shop facilities, ADM (Advanced Digital Manufacture), inspection and procurement teams working to F1 standards and production timescales.

The motorsports team are customer orientated Aerodynamicists, Model Designers and Engineering support staff with an enviable list of experience in motorsport development, performance equivalency, OEM vehicle optimisation and sports science. The team is able to offer state-of-the-art Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) capabilities, developed alongside the Williams Formula 1 team, sharing the same software, methodology and on-site supercomputers and data storage facility.

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