Thales BSCS

Thales BSCS

Using expertise and learning from Formula One Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), as well as testing in one of Williams’ two wind tunnels, Williams Advanced Engineering was responsible for the development of an innovative air detection system designed to protect troops from the threat of biological attack.

Commissioned by the UK Ministry of Defence and working in close collaboration with Thales, Williams Advanced Engineering was a key technical partner in the Biological Surveillance and Collector System (BSCS) project.

Bringing complex technological problem-solving and Formula One technology and processes to the defence industry, the result is a new protection device capable of detecting incoming attacking particles in the air through specialised sensors and evaluating equipment.

After validating the design, Williams Advanced Engineering will produce and test all units scheduled for deployment on military base. The first models were signed into service in 2017 with the RAF Regiment.

Williams Advanced Engineering’s collaboration with Thales has been recognised for its excellence in delivering to the UK Armed Forces a ‘world leading and unique’ system to protect troops from the threat of biological attack. The Delivery Team was presented with a Minister for Defence Procurement Acquisition Award by Harriett Baldwin MP at a ceremony at the MOD on 28th November 2017.

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