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Thales TfL 4LM

Thales TfL 4LM

Thales and Williams Advanced Engineering recently partnered to deliver innovation for Transport for London (TfL) on its 4 Lines Modernisation (4LM) Programme to optimise the planning and execution of test and commissioning during engineering hours.

By 2023 4LM will have delivered major upgrades to 40% of the London Underground network boosting the number of trains to 32 every hour. This will represent an increase to peak passenger capacity by an overall average of 33%.

To deliver a programme of this scale, meticulous testing of systems and software is required, most of which has to be completed overnight between the hours of 0100-0430. To maximise productivity during this restricted nightly window, Thales has a constant focus on continuous improvement to make the best use of every available minute.

Williams bring expertise in dynamic planning cycles, which are run both before and during race weekends to ensure both cars are ready on the grid for the start of each Grand Prix. Williams have shared this way of working with Thales to collaborate across the people, process and technology elements of planning.

Throughout the project, the joint team placed data at the centre of their approach. Both historic and current performance data was structured and analysed to identify longer-term trends to inform trackside action, including test times, team sizes and completion rates at each site.

The project focussed only on the highest value opportunities – for example maximising use of track access time. Over 10 different amendments to the operation were designed and are in the process of being implemented.

Thales will now look to sustain and build on these new levels of performance as the test and commissioning team prepare for the months ahead.