Utonomy aims to solve the issue of gas leakage from distribution networks across the globe, resulting in the equivalent of 1.7 billion tonnes of CO2 per annum being released into the atmosphere. 

Gas networks are traditionally set to run at a high pressure to account for a ‘worst case scenario’ of gas use from the homes and commercial premises they supply, but this high pressure is what results in the vast leakage into the atmosphere.

A £500,000 investment from the fund, and active development from Williams Advanced Engineering allowed Utonomy to further the development of their ‘Internet of Things’ smart valves and actuators to be used across the gas network. With Williams’ input into actuator hardware development and control system development, Utonomy’s offering could go on to potentially save the equivalent of over a billion tonnes of CO2 leakage per year.

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More information on Utonomy is available at http://www.utonomy.co.uk/

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